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It started with an idea and a need.

When VNAO was getting started, there were plenty of squadrons around. Plenty of groups of five to ten regular pilots getting online and doing combat and formations in their favorite aircraft.​

What there wasn't, however, was an environment solely dedicated to US Navy aviation and more specifically, carrier operations. A dedicated US Navy aircraft in DCS didn't exist at the time. In fact, DCS wasn't even DCS back then, it was Lock-On: Modern Air Combat.


VNAO's roots are in mods

We had the desire to create a group like no other. Not just a squadron, but an organization of many squadrons from which those who wished to could join and lead a squadron if they chose to.

We needed things we did not have. Thus, we began our modding tradition, first with the F-14 Tomcat mod and later, the F/A-18F Super Hornet mod. These mods were created by pooling talents and like-minded individuals who shared their gifts to create a more suitable US Navy environment. Some of these mods still exist and work today.


Finally a rich US Navy environment in DCS

As time went on, Lock-On: Modern Air Combat became DCS and the modules that were being developed created the high fidelity US Navy environment needed by VNAO to create carrier operations like never seen before in a consumer combat flight simulator.

Our dreams to become what we are today, a group with rich immersion and great people, became reality. Our philosophies attracted real life military aviators and support personnel that provided us with the subject matter needed for accuracy.


The desire to add to DCS never dies.

VNAO still desired elements to be added to the simulation that seasoned the experience all that much more. Thus, we never lost our desire to create even more modifications.
From our ready room mod, to the now DCS World famous T-45C Goshawk Community Module, VNAO's creative team has added very sophisticated elements to the US Navy experience in DCS. From this desire and assembly of creative talent, VNAO Simulations was born.


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